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Whether you are choosing materials that need placed in a new design or looking to support that aging legacy weapon system, we have a SOLUTION. Whether its a state, local or commercial organization looking for the most competitive pricing on industrial supplies, we have a SOLUTION

DCS is here not only to solve and eliminate the pain points manufacturers have when dealing with various government customer requirements. We also extend that same critical attention to the commercial market space. No matter the industry DCS has a SOLUTION across the entire supply chain. 
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DCS consists of industry experts ready to deliver strategic solutions from the military front line to any commercial OEM's production line. Our mission has always been to facilitate the support of critical & customer-specific material, which means collectively developing a DCS turnkey service for your application needs. The services below represent a few of our organizations core capabilities but are only just examples of our ability to solve complex issues that only a qualified small business can efficiently navigate. Outside of our extensive industry experience our financial stability provides us opporutunity to maintain competitive costs that most SDB or Small Businesses cannot provide on large sub-contract / purchasing agreements.  DCS Please get in touch with one of the executive directors below to discuss our strategic partner, contract and technical solutions 



As a Authorized Agent of one of the worlds largest PCB and PCBA Manufacturing providers we are able to offer end-to-end PCB Manufacturing services for High Reliability Industries such as Defense, Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial

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Industry Supply Analytics is a critical part of our Data Driven Solutions. Our on going investment into the latest technology integration gives us a chance to offer early planning and mitigation strategies for our customers allowing them to avoid line-down situations. Our programs provide one of a kind value that gives visibility into how these economic patterns will impact our customers operations, we are more than just a parts distributor but a end-to-end Supply Chain Partner. We want to be proactive rather than reactive in the face of supply disruptions. Our capabilities allow us to provide Component and Design Engineers current information showing them understand if their designs are resilient to supply chain risk, and to decide where to invest in finding alternates. 

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